New 6th Form Block
The Corsham School
Project Role:
Building Services Design
Working with: 
John Perkins Construction, Alec French Architects, Integral Engineering Design
Circa £1.2million

Development of a new 6th form Study Centre, Corsham6th, for The Corsham School in Wiltshire.

This light and bright new building required a ventilation strategy in line with recent Building Bulletin BB101, which is the current design standard for naturally ventilated educational buildings.

The design incorporates two Breathing Buildings e‐stack units which work as part of a buoyancy driven ventilation strategy, in conjunction with manually operated, low level,
opening windows during warmer external conditions. They offer the ability to boost ventilation flowrates on the hottest of days. During cooler periods, windows can remain closed, with a full tempered fresh air supply being delivered through the e‐stack units alone.

Traffic light CO2 monitors  alert users to high levels of CO2 indicating that it is time to open some windows.

We made use of IES Virtual Environment software which provides full dynamic thermal analysis.

The resulting building is very popular with the building users who moved in September 2019.