Smith Consult - Targeting Net Zero Operations by 2030


Smith Consult are a building services consultancy providing design and project management solutions across all business sectors. We provide excellent customer service delivering projects on time and on budget.

Smith Consult are committed to sustainable engineering and low carbon targets. Our designs are energy aware and efficient and we provide a comprehensive energy advice service. 

We have taken Step 1 on the Road Map to Net Zero and made our commitment to net zero operations by 2030 supported by Go Climate Positive.  Our Public Certificate outlines our current impact and approach which we continue to refine and develop. 

Latest News

Congratulations to our two new Associates Richard Bracken and Andrew Blake. We are thrilled to announce these promotions which reflect the positive impact and level of support and experience which both engineers have brought to our team over the years they have been with us.

We have worked really hard to reduce our company carbon emissions in our drive towards Net Zero operations. Updates to our office include installation of solar panels, electric car charger, ASHP, LED lighting to name a few. The amazing result is the total reduction of our Scope 1 and 2 emissions to zero in 2022, 8 years ahead of our target. Now we look to continue our team’s great work and focus on Scope 3 as we target our indirect emissions.

As an extra way to keep in touch and improve our services, we’ve added a new feedback page and we would love to hear from any of our Clients and Colleagues to tell us what’s gone well and what we could do better. Do let us know!

Who we are

Smith Consult brings many years of experience in all aspects of building services engineering. We provide a practical approach – we like to know how things will work and we like technology.

What we do

  • Building services design and coordination
  • 3D Building Information Modelling
  • Project Management
  • Lighting design and planning
  • Energy advice
  • Surveys
  • Report and advisory work
  • Construction monitoring and supervision
  • Feasibility studies
  • Pre-acquisition, condition and dilapidation reports
  • Cost control
  • Planned maintenance
  • Asset registers
  • Record drawings
  • Operating and maintenance manuals
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